Why are so many tests needed?

There is no user’s manual available at birth. Therefore, using these three tests can determine if there are risks of hereditary diseases, cancer, or other special diseases. This can lead to a more intuitive understanding of one’s health and give the ability to take appropriate countermeasures.

Genetic Testing|Due to various differences in one’s physical condition, when revealing giftings, flaws will also be revealed.

Biochemical Testing|Makes it possible to determine the effects of various factors on the body such as environmental pollution, eating habits, exercise metabolism, lifestyle habits, stress levels, and aging, etc.

Cell Testing|An understanding of whether the cell condition is degraded, if the ability to repair is poor, or metabolic activity is insufficient, etc. can be gained with the use of precision instruments and enzymes along with the collective effects of biochemical and chemical reactions.  Knowledge of the cells’ capability (functionality), ability to repair, cell count, and surface features gives understanding to the body’s function and whether the ability to repair can be maintained in the future.