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Past|Genetic Testing


Hereditary health risks.

What is genetic testing?
Genes can be viewed as a user’s manual for the human body. The body can determine how to function on various levels by interpreting the blueprint of a genetic makeup.
Genes can determine something as small as whether the face will turn red from alcohol consumption (the liver’s ability to metabolize alcohol), to how a fertilized egg will grow into a fetus and who will the fetus resemble after birth.

How is genetic testing conducted?
Clients will provide oral and blood samples through oral scrapers and blood drawing. After obtaining the cells and purifying the DNA, the lab will analyze the genetic condition.


How does this help?
Having an understanding of genes is like having an instructions manual for the human body. An understanding of the general condition of the body can be obtained including hereditary diseases, the characteristics of various bodily systems, and needed adjustments to lifestyle and eating habits, etc.
There is no such thing as a good or bad gene. However, an understanding of the body’s genes allows us to understand how we are physically affected by the environment and how we should maintain our bodies.








寶血提供的「LifeCare 生命守護專案」,能夠針對會員提供各種策略及預防措施。